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You Need to Visit This Underwater Winery in Croatia

Courtesy of Edio Vina

Finally, you can live out your childhood Little Mermaid fantasies while satisfying your adult need for wine: There’s an underwater winery in Croatia, and you can visit.

In case you needed another reason to travel to Croatia’s gorgeous coast (besides reenacting your favorite Game of Thrones scene in real-life King’s Landing aka Dubrovnik), Edio Vina on the Pelješac peninsula invites guests to dive into the sea and visit their watery winery. Sadly, you won’t see any merpeople crushing grapes below the waves. Most of the winemaking is done on land, but the wines finish aging in amphorae (clay pots) underwater. Lest you think the wine ends up ultra salty thanks to a seawater infusion, the pots are protected by a quality cork and two layers of rubber. The sealed amphorae are also securely locked in cages to prevent thirsty divers from making off with them.

Once you emerge from the watery depths and get over just how cool it was to see the sunken boat that acts as one of the winery’s underwater cellars, you can head up to their on-land bar and taste through some of the undersea wines you saw during your tour.

Over the past few years, multiple wineries have gotten into aging their wines underwater, from Mira Winery in Napa to Champagne producer Louis Roederer. But Edio Vina is one of the first to invite guests to don wetsuits and dive into the briny depths to see the process firsthand. So if you were looking for a vacation that combines your two favorite things (beaches and booze), skip drinking overpriced cocktails on a tropical island resort and head to Croatia instead. Because, like Sebastian the crab said, life is better, down where it’s wetter―and so is the wine.