This Denny's Marriage Includes Wine and a Champagne Toast

A Denny’s in Las Vegas is ditching the side order of toast for Champagne toasts this Valentine’s Day. For just $99, you can hit the Grand Slam of marriage ceremonies and tie the knot at the Denny’s chapel—flowers and marriage certificate included. The full $199 wedding package has all of the goods as the special, but also includes a photo booth, Wedding Pancake Puppies Cake, two wedding t-shirts and a coupon for two Original Grand Slams that you can redeem at your next visit. That last bit is perfect for those looking for one-year anniversary ideas.

“The best union since pancakes and syrup,” the wedding advertisement reads. “Denny’s on Fremont Street is the perfect place to get married or renew your vows. Allow us to put the ‘Mmmm…’ in matrimony.”

Oh how far we’ve come from little white chapels.

For the uninitiated, this isn’t anything new for Denny’s, it’s just the newest deal. The first Las Vegas Denny’s wedding was in 2013, according to Delish, and the first couple was Nancy Levandowski and Steven Keller.

But we don’t all have $200 to drop, and Valentine’s Day is as good a time as any to get hitched. You can register for the $99 wedding special on the Denny’s wedding website. Just be sure to schedule at least two hours in advance.