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Disney World Has a Bourbon Trail This Summer

Disney has already captured America’s nostalgia-loving hearts by drawing people in with themed cocktails and bar crawls. Now it’s coming for bourbon lovers. Starting May 1, Disney Springs, the shopping and dining complex by Disney World, is hosting a two-month bourbon trail.

The Discover Bourbon at Disney Springs has 18 stops. Each has a specialty drink that’s paired with food from the restaurant. Pairings range from a custom Old Fashioned served with homemade bread pudding, to a Kentucky Sunrise (a Tequila Sunrise, but with bourbon) complementing  Argentinian skirt steak.

All of the Disney Springs hot spots are on the list, and there’s plenty here for Old Fashioned lovers. That’s fitting, considering the Old Fashioned is one of the most popular cocktails in America. The Planet Hollywood Observatory serves an unmodified classic with Bulleit Bourbon, while Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar serves a Coffee Old Fashioned with bourbon, Kahlua, cold brew and vanilla syrup. Other takes on bourbon cocktails include classics with bourbon swapped in for the main spirit (Bongos Cuban Cafe has an Angel’s Envy Bourbon Mojito), and refreshing sounding originals like YeSake’s Strawberry Bourbon Sour Slushie made with bourbon, strawberry and lemonade.

Sure, it’s a long way away from America’s other, more famous Bourbon Trail. But does Kentucky have a bar themed after Raiders of the Lost Ark? Disney’s Discover Bourbon bourbon trail maps can be found on the Disney Parks blog as well as at the visitor center. Go get your bourbon on in Disney before the tour ends on June 17.