Disney Is Offering Double Dates With Character Couples

If you ever thought double dates would be more fun if the other couple were cartoonishly, over-the-top gushing in love with a literal storybook romance that puts your own relationship to shame, you’re in need of therapy luck. You and your boo can now double date with a Disney princess and prince. The new character attraction, coming this April to Walt Disney World in Orlando only, is a more wholesome way to spend spring break in Florida as a couple, though the date still involves drinking, as any forced couples’ interaction should.

Before you get too excited about seeing how a princess shakes off her noble decorum after hours, know the dates take place over brunch—Cinderella has had bad experiences with late night parties, after all. The $34 “Bon Voyage Breakfast” at the Trattoria al Forno on the Disney Boardwalk earns you eggs and pancakes with the costumed couple (Mimosas and Bellinis are extra—but definitely necessary). If Cinderella and Prince Charming aren’t your speed (or they get booked up by Disney devotees), Ariel and Prince Eric are also available, as are new royals on the block, Rapunzel and Flynn Rider.

As painful as this brunch sounds—seriously, what could you possibly have to talk about?—it’s the only comfortable way to have a drink with a Disney actor, as no one wants to see Mickey lift up his head to take a swig. Plus, we bet those brunch cocktails pair great with mouse-shaped food.