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Disney World’s New ‘Avatar’ Park Has Lots of Awesome Booze

Everyone may be raving about the floating mountains and insanely life-like animatronic Na’vi at Disney World’s new Pandora: The World of Avatar theme park, but we’re most interested in something far more exciting: Avatar-themed booze.

Pongu Pongu, a beverage kiosk in the Pandora area of Animal Kingdom, offers both alcoholic and non-alcoholic themed drinks. The Mo’Ara Margarita is a strawberry and blood orange-infused tequila drink, topped with strawberry boba balls, which give it an otherworldly, alien-like look. The boba balls also top the non-alcoholic, green and purple Night Blossom drink.

The kiosk also serves craft beer from Georgia’s Terrapin Beer Co., which was crafted specifically for the park. Hawke’s Grog Ale is bright green (though blue might have been more Na’vi appropriate) and has a “fruity hop character with hints of apricot and peach,” according to People. Mo’Ara High Country Ale is a traditionally beer-colored beer with “an herbal spice hop aroma and notes of caramel, toffee and nuts.”

The park also features the Satu’li Canteen, a fast-casual, Asian-fusion restaurant. The Canteen serves boozy beverages of their own, including a fruity, blue Dreamwalker Sangria and Chardonnay and Pinot Noir on tap from Sonoma’s Banshee Wines—a nod to the mountain banshees that soar over Pandora. The Canteen will also have mobile ordering via the My Disney Experience app, so you won’t have to wait in a long line for that Sangria.

In the wake of the Magic Kingdom introducing alcohol to many of its restaurants, and given that EPCOT reigns as one of the best drinking destinations in the country, Animal Kingdom was definitely in need of another boozy hotspot. We’ll be keeping an eye out to see if Jake Sully and Neytiri get added to the list of royal Disney couples we’re able to join for boozy brunch.