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Disney World Now Offers Beignets Injected with Booze

For years Disney World has been making beignets extra magical for kids by shaping the sugary little pillows into likenesses of Mickey Mouse’s head, but now the Florida park has a delightful new boozy spin on the treat for adults. The Scat Cat’s Club, located in the Port Orleans Resort in the park’s French Quarter, now serves a variation called Baton Rouge Beignets, which come impaled with pipettes filled with alcohol. They come three to an order for $8, with your choice of Baileys Irish Cream, Kahlúa or RumChata, making them supremely ‘Grammable. Watch out Café du Monde; Disney’s giving you a run for your money.

Over the last year, Disney seems to have completely reversed course on the teetotalling ways of its founder. While Disneyland in California remains relatively dry, Disney World now offers enough liquor to warrant its own section of the park. From super rare, high-end Japanese whiskies, to molecular gastronomic wonders at the new Avatar park, to an insane 100 themed Christmas drinks, the park has gone all out with its liquid indulgences.

As Insider points out, injecting the booze into the center of the beignets instead of drizzling it on top maintains the fluffy texture of the treat. While Disney clearly made an oversight when they decided not to shape the new Baton Rouge Beignets like Mickey like their G-rated kin, we have to admit the pipette format is still pretty ingenious. Be sure to thank the Disney imagineers as you post your own video of the interactive dessert to your Instagram.