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Disneyland Is Selling Ice Cream Floats With Guinness and Hard Soda

Root beer floats are fun and all, but hard root beer floats are even better—and now they’re available at Disneyland. Clarabelle’s Hand Scooped Ice Cream on the California Adventure side of Disneyland is selling Hard Floats made with your choice of ice cream bar served up in a glass of hard soda (Coney Island Brewing Company Hard Root Beer or Henry’s Hard Orange Soda) or Guinness Extra Stout.

Disney locations have been upping the variety and availability of alcoholic beverages in the past couple years. There are booze-filled beignets, pink sparkling wine and Avatar-themed drink menus, to name a few upgrades. There’s even a full on bourbon trail complete with bars that have extremely rare and expensive whiskeys. But for the most part, alcohol additions have been in and around Disney World in Florida. Disneyland remains dry except for the exclusive Club 33. Luckily for thirsty guests at the Los Angeles location, there’s California Adventure right next door.

Clarabelle’s is named for Clarabelle Cow, one of the original characters that Walt Disney created for Steamboat Willie in 1928. The Hard Floats sell for $10.49 each, and there’s also the Mich-Helado, an amber beer with spiced tomato, tamarindo sauce, chile-lime seasoning and lime sorbet for the same price. If you can’t make out to California Adventure to try one of Clarabelle’s creations for yourself, there are always plenty of dessert liquor cocktails out there that are easy to whip up yourself at home.