Bluecoat Gin Set to Liquor up the Philly Democratic Convention

The official liquor provider for the Democratic National Convention will be Bluecoat Gin, made by local manufacturer Philadelphia Distilling.

Bluecoat will be joined at the convention (which runs from July 25 to 28) by other partners including tech startup Curalate and official telecom provider Comcast. But we think it’s clear which sponsor is most likely to inspire the Democratic partay.

According to the Philadelphia Business Journal, the distillery will host an interactive campaign on social media to get Philadelphians to add some democracy to their drinking. From July 14 until the conclusion of the convention, drinkers will be able to vote on the brand’s Facebook page between a Martini made with Bluecoat American Dry Gin, or a Martinez made with Bluecoat Barrel Finished Gin. A number of restaurants around the city will serve the two drinks, and the winner will be announced at The Franklin Bar.

Despite the fact that Hillary Clinton has declared her allegiance to the vodka Martini, it’s only appropriate that the DNC favor gin, given its constituents’ well-documented affinity for the stuff.

Meanwhile, the Cleveland Host Committee for the Republican National Convention (July 18-21) has announced six event partners, with nary a booze company among them. We’d advise them to line one up right quick. Something tells us that come next week, a whole lot of people are going to be in dire need of a drink.