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One Man's Insane Hangover Request Granted by Pizza Guy

After downing one too many drinks the night before, an extremely hungover Englishman sent out a desperate pizza delivery request. Unable even to lift himself from his bed, the hungry and hungover Sam Zegrour asked his Domino’s delivery person to let himself into the unlocked house and deliver the pizza directly to his bedside. And, of course, the bedridden gentleman retained enough sense to honor his pizza hero on social media, recording the ordeal on Facebook.

On the online delivery order form, the ailing Zegrour typed out a distressed message in the instructions field: “Sinister Hangover Door open Please bring upstairs,” followed by the prayer hands emoji. Seeing the unsettling description of a “sinister” hangover, the pizza delivery crew jumped into action, bringing a fat stack of pizzas and carbo-loading snacks ASAP as requested.

Along with a photo of the order form, the now-happy customer posted a photo of his Domino’s hero in all his glory, balancing the tall order in one hand and giving a thumbs up with the other, with the description, “Not all heroes wear capes.” As of this writing, the post has 23,000 responses on Facebook. Clearly there’s a lot of love out there for delivery heroes, or a lot of hungover Facebook users looking for a pizza savior of their own.