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Donald Trump’s DC Hotel Bar Has a $100 Cocktail on the Menu

If you’re thinking about swinging by The Benjamin Bar & Lounge located inside Donald Trump’s new Washington DC hotel, you better have your finances in order. According to the Washingtonian, it is now the district’s most expensive bar.

The cocktail menu, per the Washingtonian, has steadily increased in price since the bar first opened in September. Back then, you could score a drink for a somewhat reasonable $16. Today, the cheapest drink on the menu (the “Romanesque Revival,” a mix of Revival bourbon, honey, mint and ginger) coming in at whopping $24. Meanwhile the most expensive cocktail on the menu is a recently added drink called “the Benjamin,” which, appropriately, will run you $100. A shaken Vodka Martini made with three different vodkas (rye, potato and winter wheat), it’s accompanied by three raw oysters and a tin of caviar.

Wines and spirits are equally pricey with selections from the “wine by the crystal spoon” section of the menu coming in at $15-$140 per ounce, and the bourbon options starting at $16 for two ounces and top out at $250 for one ounce of Pappy Van Winkle 23 yrs. To put things in perspective, a shot of Pappy Van Winkle 20 yrs goes for $100 just down the street at Tosca, while at The Benjamin it will cost you double that.

This is not the first time a bar housed in one of Trump’s hotels has received some internet heat. The $18 salmon-roe-and-rum Trumptini at the International Beach Resort in Miami raised some eyebrows back in June of last year, while the Vodka Martini served at the Trump Grill in NYC (which came served over ice in a wine glass) went straight up viral this past December. It seems Trump’s knack for inciting web-based wonderment isn’t limited to his political dealings. We look forward to reading about whatever gold-plated Mojito or diamond-encrusted Old Fashioned comes next, but for now we’ll make our own caviar cocktail at home, thanks.