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Drake’s Dad Owns Drake in a New Whiskey Commercial

Drake has it all: the looks, the pipes, the charmingly awkward dance moves. He even has his own whiskey, Virginia Black. But a new commercial for the whiskey shows that there’s one guy out there who can out do him every time: his own father.

Dennis Graham, Drake’s dad, makes a cameo in the commercial as the dashing, mustachioed gentleman who lures a beautiful dancing lady away from his Canadian-teen-drama-star-turned-rapper son. With a simple quip of, “Nice turtleneck,” Graham turns away with the lady on his arm, leaving Drake sad and confused holding two glasses of whiskey (which is actually not a bad thing).

This is not the first time Graham has made an appearance in a Virginia Black commercial. In an earlier spot, Drake introduces his pop as the “Realist Dude Ever.” Graham, reclining by a fire with a glass in hand, then says, “What’s under my do-rag? Another do-rag.” It’s a very good commercial.

Check out the new commercial in all its turtleneck-shaming glory: