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This Drink Is Garnished With a Polaroid of You Drinking It

Courtesy of Hidden Harbor

We hate to see drinkers let a cocktail go watery by taking iPhone pic after pic of their drink for their Instagram accounts, which is why we’re so excited by a new drink at Pittsburgh tiki barHidden Harbor that takes care of the photography work for you. The OMG (Oh My Guava!) comes garnished with a polaroid picture of you and your friends enjoying the big batch beverage, letting you get down to the business of drinking right away while preserving those precious boozy memories at the same time.

It’s OK. You can say it. “OMG!”

The drink—which features the eponymous guava juice along with mixed rums, lemon, clove, orange, fig and tamarind—comes batched for several drinkers in a photo-ready conch shell, which is garnished with plenty of other photogenic accoutrements. While huddling over a collective drink normally involves awkward eye contact with your fellow drinkers, now you can all stare at the picture developing in the middle, and watch as the bonding moment emerges on the polaroid through the magic of 1950s technology. With a couple of pals, you can even race the pic to see if you can finish the drink before the photo develops. And when both are done, it’s time for another glamor shot and another drink.