France's New President Says Everything We've Ever Thought About Wine

Opinions on Emmanuel Macron’s politics aside, one thing we can all agree on is the man has his priorities straight when it comes to wine. After electing a series of presidents who failed to comprehend the wonder that is France’s national beverage, the country has finally chosen a man who not only drinks wine—but loves it, a lot. Like, maybe even more than we love wine.

In a 2016 interview with Terre de Vins, Macron declared wine to be “the French soul” and that he is “one of those Frenchmen for whom a meal without wine is a sad meal.” Truer words were never said. Currently, you can find the newly elected leader drinking white Burgundy, red Bordeaux and, more recently, wines from the Rhone Valley. “I was raised by my grandparents who used to say that ‘red wine is an antioxidant.’ There was no guilt,” he said. “Wine is not a type of alcohol one drinks to get drunk, but to be well at the table.”

Macron believes that wine has a definite place in politics. While working as the French Minister of the Economy and Finance, he often served foreign guests some of France’s best wines. “They expected to drink good wine, good Champagne, a digestive,” he said. “Wine is an ambassador.” We’ll see how he handles receiving Donald Trump, who is a lifelong teetotaler. Perhaps some straight Pinot Noir grape juice will be in order.