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Avoid Getting Sick While Traveling by Drinking Alcohol

We know that whiskey-fueled Hot Toddies are the best way to banish a cold (or, at least, the most fun way), but now studies show that drinking alcohol may prevent us from getting sick altogether when traveling. Which means we all now have a great excuse to order another round of poolside Mojitos.

It’s common for people to get food poisoning and other stomach illnesses while on vacation, thanks to street food cooked in less than stellar conditions or day-old all-you-can-eat buffet grub. These places can “often be breeding grounds for food-borne pathogens like salmonella, E.Coli, Listeria and even Cholera,” food scientist Richard Conroy told The Sun.  

Thankfully, according to Conroy, hard alcohol, wine and beer have been found to be great at pathogen prevention. Alcohol concentrations attack the bacteria, killing bugs, while the acid secretions caused by drinking may help settle other potential issues in your stomach.

The Sun cited a 1995 study in Hawaii in which researchers found that wine was more effective than Pepto-Bismol at combating colonies of E.Coli, salmonella and shigella bacteria.

“It really is a case of ‘one for me, one for my stomach,’” Conroy said.

Conroy warned that imbibers shouldn’t overdo it, though, as drinking too much could dehydrate you and weaken your immune system. Instead, fight potential food poisoning by pairing each helping of that all-inclusive seafood buffet with a single stiff drink—it’s the ultimate win-win.