Disney World’s Magic Kingdom to Serve More Alcohol

Attention parents and Disney-obsessed adults: Drinking at Disney World just became a lot easier. The famously dry Magic Kingdom park, which only recently introduced alcohol to one of its restaurants, is continuing to relax its strict booze laws. Starting on December 23, guests will be able to enjoy alcohol at four more of the park’s restaurants.

Previously, alcohol was only offered at the Beauty and the Beast-themed restaurant Be Our Guest, which opened in 2012. Now, alcohol will be added to Tony’s Town Square, Cinderella’s Royal Table, Liberty Tree Tavern and Skipper Canteen, according to Disney Food Blog. In true Disney fashion, the theme of each restaurant will influence the drinks on offer. For example, there will be Italian wine and beer at Tony’s, New England lagers and ciders at Liberty Tree Tavern, and Champagne at Cinderella’s castle.

Walt Disney strictly prohibited alcohol at his original park, Disneyland, and to this day the only booze served at the California park is at the super-exclusive, members-only Club 33. The Magic Kingdom in Florida followed suit and remained dry for years.

Unfortunately, it appears that the restaurants will serve only beer and wine. So if you’re looking for a liquor fix, you’ll still have to hop on the Monorail to Epcot, where we recommend drinking your way around the world—from tequila in Mexico to sake in Japan.