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Flock of Drunk Birds Descend on Drivers

Hitchcock’s The Birds came to life this week in Austria when a flock of starlings, in a drunken daze, descended en masse onto unsuspecting drivers.

According to The Local, the birds began swooping into the middle of the highway between Inzersdorf and Vösendorf, causing drivers to halt their vehicles and creating a traffic jam several miles long. It was later determined by ornithologists that the flock of starlings had gorged themselves on berries, which had fermented and become alcoholic. The birds were further disoriented by rainy and foggy conditions, which made it difficult for them to judge elevation.

This isn’t the first time a group of animals had one too many boozy berries. In 2006, a flock of waxwings indulged in fermented fruit and crashed into the walls of apartment buildings in Vienna, according to the local Österreich newspaper. And in the United States, it’s a common occurrence for squirrels to treat the outdoors as their personal happy hour spot.  

No humans were injured in the incident, but unfortunately the same can’t be said for some of the tipsy birds, proving you should never attempt to fly while intoxicated.