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Dunkin’ Donuts and Harpoon Brewery Are Making a Coffee Beer Together

Dunkin’ Donuts wants to be your day to night outfit, but for coffee. The East Coast coffee staple is partnering with Harpoon Brewery to make a limited edition Dunkin’ Coffee Porter.

“Beloved Dunkin’ coffee brings robust, roasty notes to this balanced and smooth coffee porter,” the label, which was recently filed with the TTB, reads according to “This porter is our tribute to all the days that Dunkin’ has helped us fire up the brew kettle.”

The beer will be released sometime in late October or early November. You won’t be able to miss it when it hits store shelves thanks to the bright orange and purple-pink Dunkin’ packaging. The finished beer will supposedly have an espresso and dark chocolate aroma and taste roasty, malty and smooth.

Both brands have a recent history of collaborations with brands outside of their industry. Harpoon partnered with Polar Seltzer water in June, and Dunkin’ partnered with Wormtown Brewery last year for a coffee beer. It’s not clear how widely available the Harpoon-Dunkin’ collab beer will be, but it’ll surely be more available than the Wormtown-Dunkin’ beer that was only served in the brewery’s taproom. Harpoon distributes to 25 states, mostly along the eastern seaboard.

Both brands have a devoted fan base (case in point: the hundreds of people who lined up for L.A.’s first Dunkin’), so however many Dunkin’ Coffee Porters are made will surely be swooped up fast.