Einstein Bros.'s New Breakfast Burrito-Bagel Hybrid Is Stuffed With Meats and Cheese

Einstein Bros Bagels
Einstein Bros Bagels

I'm not a morning person. In fact -- I am, by all accounts, the antithesis of an early riser. It takes approximately three coffees, four snoozed alarms, and the lure of breakfast carbs to get me up. But it looks like Einstein Bros. Bagels is debuting a new menu item that will help me get out of bed and dare I say convert me into a morning person: the Bagelrito

What is this hefty meat/cheese/bread bomb I speak of? Well, friends, it's a breakfast burrito-bagel hybrid that will -- and I'm not exaggerating here -- change your morning routine. The thing comes filled with two eggs, thick-cut bacon, turkey sausage, a three-cheese blend, hash browns, salsa, and green chilies. But here's the real kicker: it's wrapped in a flour tortilla and asiago bagel dough. This feels straight out of Taco Bell's playbook. 

"As the ‘King of Bagels,' we are constantly pushing the envelope and testing boundaries when it comes to menu innovation to meet guest expectations, and we’ve found the Bagelrito to be the best of both bagel and burrito worlds," Chief Baker and VP of Menu Innovation, Chad Thompson, said in a statement. "The Bagelrito is portable and hearty enough to fill you up. It’s the first breakfast item to truly disrupt the category, rivaling the classic breakfast burrito and I can’t wait for everyone to try it."

Because this is an important moment for the bagel chain (and, yep, me too), I'd be remiss to not fill you in on launch deets. Unfortunately for much of America, it's only happening in Colorado -- for now, at least. On October 18, Einstein Bros. will debut the Bagelrito for $6.99 at five test locations in the state.

Where to find it: 

8246 W Bowles Ave Littleton, Colorado 80123
120 Wadsworth Blvd. Lakewood, Colorado 80226
555 N. Broadway Denver, Colorado 80203
14401 West Colfax Ave. Lakewood Colorado 80401
9392 Sheridan Blvd. Westminster, Colorado 8003

Even if you're weirdly not interested in this bagel-burrito, you should still stop by one of the above locations. There will be freebies. You could also win a year's supply of Bagels & Schmear and, if you fill out the online Bagelrito survey, can score a free egg sandwich. 

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