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This Shot Was Banned by Facebook

There are some photos you just can’t post on Facebook, and an Irish bar in Bethlehem, Penn., found that out the hard way. On Jan. 19, Molly’s Irish Grille and Sports Pub posted a photo of of an orange, white and blue shot, a Tide Pod Shot, if you will. It racked up more 6.3 million views on the bar’s Facebook page, and then Facebook removed it.

“The more controversy that went on, the more popular it got,” bar manager Mary Fleming told Lehigh Valley News, adding that the bar sold hundreds of the shots. “They can hate on it all they want.”

Facebook took the image down in response to the larger, puzzling trend of actual humans eating Tide Pods. The social media platform is going after any #TidePodChallenge content and removing it for encouraging the truly dangerous act of eating laundry detergent. Even Rob Gronkowski knows not to eat them.

The popularity of Molly’s shot will not be stopped, though. It’s since been rebranded as “the shot banned by Facebook.”

The shot is made with blue curaçao, Baileys and vodka with orange dye in it. It’s not the only Tide Pod shot out there, but it’s definitely the most realistic looking. Because if it doesn’t look like you’re actually drinking detergent, does it even count? (Apparently it tastes like gummy sharks, which sounds better than it looks.)

Tipsy Bartender jumped on the Molly’s trend with a video of how to make the shot. It has more than 1.9 million views as of writing this. Facebook won’t allow it, but the shot formerly known as Tide Pods Shot and now known as The Shot Banned By Facebook is still being sold at Molly’s. Bombs away.

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