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Finland Has a Word for Drinking in Your Underwear

It happens to everyone: You’re pants-off on the couch, drinking your way through a six-pack, and you want to describe your situation in a single word. Thanks to the Finnish, that word exists: kalsarikännit.

This is Finland describes kalsarikännit as, “The feeling when you are going to get drunk home alone in your underwear—with no intention of going out.” Don’t worry if your Finnish is a bit rusty—it’s pronounced CALL-sorry-khan-eat. Or, don’t bother attempting to pronounce it at all. Tell your friends about your plans to stay in and drink whiskey in your tighty whities by sending one of the new emojis released by the Finland Promotional Board. The illustrations include versions for men and women, both lounging in their undergarments with a beverage.

The undergarmented drinkers are part of a collection of 56 emojis released in December, all meant to capture quintessential Finnish customs and perspectives. Other favorites include a cute seal called Pusa Hispida Saimensis, the LGBT proud Tom of Finland, and Meanwhile in Finland, which represents “the feeling when all temperatures around zero degrees Celsius feel warm.”

Based solely on these cultural emojis, Finland seems like a pretty chill place. Now if only we could find a word to apologize to our friends for avoiding them (and our pants) every night this week.