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You Can Now Buy Fireball Gummy Bears Online

You can find pretty much anything on Etsy. Beyond artisan leather trinkets, “traditional” Brooklyn bead art and Mason jars repurposed into homesteader crafts, the online hipster market also offers a few products you might actually want—products like Fireball gummy bears.

Denver-based Etsy shop VineGelee, which specializes in a range of sweets and boozy treats, has unleashed little red gummies flavored with the infamous cinnamon whisky, which the shop calls Fire Bears (to avoid legal entanglement with Fireball maker Sazerac). While the shop isn’t the first to offer Fireball-flavored gummies (IrishConfectionaryCo, which is temporarily unavailable, has also sold similar bears), VineGelee does promise their products are completely natural (or as natural as something involving Fireball can be), forming their bears with just gelatin, cane sugar and Fireball. While this means your bears may arrive a little melty during the sweltering summer months (which VineGelee can address by packing your delivery with dry ice and ice packs), it also means they taste completely of their namesake spirit. They also completely avoid the waxy or slimy texture commercial infused gummy bears can take on.

The bears come in three sizes: If you’re curious but unconvinced, grab a 4-ounce bag for $10. If you love everything Fireball, go with the 8-ounce bag for $18. And if you legally changed your middle name to Fireball despite your parents’ vehement opposition, order a 1-pound bucket o’ bears. Meanwhile, if Fireball isn’t your speed, you can opt for VineGelee’s other gummy bear flavors like beer, champagne, and rosé. But we bet even Fireball opponents won’t be able to keep from cracking a smile after snacking on a few Fire Bears.