Truck Crashes, Spill Fireball Whisky All Over Highway

A bunch of little Fireballs hit Interstate 40 in Arkansas on June 14. Not the bad kind of fireballs, though, the kind that tastes like spicy, cinnamony joy. After two 18-wheelers were involved in a non-fatal crash, one of the truck’s precious cargo of Fireball Whisky spilled out and made the road look like the Fireball dragon had run through and had a wild night.

Traffic was stopped going both ways for around three hours, because once Fireball gets involved, things take awhile to wrap up. “Looks like we’ll be working this for a while,” the Arkansas Department of Transportation tweeted. They also tweeted that they had to bring in a little truck with a “mechanical broom” to sweep up all the minis. That truck is the dream piece of equipment for anyone who has had a wild mess of a Fireball party that they need to clean up the next day.

When food spills, people pay attention. Food seems to spill a lot more frequently in Arkansas. Frozen pizzas, spaghetti sauce and bourbon have all spilled on the Land of Opportunity (yes, that is Arkansas’s state nickname), Thrillist writes. And who could forget the loss of Tito’s Vodka. Take some time to sip some Fireball in remembrance of all the minis that were mechanical broomed away.