The First Legal Weed Wine Will Be Released in January

Good weed, white wine is no longer just the stuff of Drake songs. A California company called Rebel Coast Winery will soon release a THC-filled Sauvignon Blanc that it’s promoting as the first alcohol-free, cannabis-infused wine.

The wine is described as tasting like a traditional California Sauvignon Blanc from Sonoma with high acid, citrus notes and a crisp finish. It’s herbaceous marijuana on the nose, Sauvignon Blanc in the mouth. There’s around 16 milligrams of THC in every bottle, which breaks down to around 4 milligrams per glass—6 milligrams less than the California limit of THC in edibles.

“Our goal is not to kill you after you’ve had a few glasses,” the website reads. “The goal is to get giggly and naked with someone. We set out to mimic the experience you’d find with traditional wine; a couple glasses will put most people in a great place.”

Rebel Coast also makes more traditional wines like its Reckless Love and Sunday Funday, and it’s far from the first winery to make weed wine. The company writes that it’s long been a tradition in California wine growing regions to mix the two California crops. In 2012, the Daily Beast ran a story written by Michael Stienberger about weed wine called “Marijuana-Laced Wine Grows More Fashionable in California Wine Country.” Stienberger writes that he tried weed wine at a Burgundy wine dinner in New York, and estimates that it has been made in California since at least the 1980s. Last year, Mary Jane Wines operated in a legal grey area for a while, selling bottles with full alcohol and THC for hundreds of dollars before pivoting to coffee.

The new Sauvignon Blanc, however, could be the first explicitly legal weed wine when it’s released in January 2018. Prop 64 in California legalized recreational adult use starting in 2018, but it also outlaws anyone from selling marijuana in the same place as tobacco or alcohol—including alcoholic marijuana wine. Since Rebel Coast’s Sauvignon Blanc is alcohol free (a process they figured out after some “mad scientist sh*t”), it follows all the state laws. It won’t be the last offering, either. Paste reports that a rosé and sparkling are on the way next year.

Each bottle of Sauvignon Blanc is adorned with a tangerine-colored label with a marijuana leaf drawing and clean lettering. It’ll sell for $60 a bottle at recreational marijuana shops as soon as those shops are set up in the Golden State, and Rebel Coast is working on figuring out distribution to other states.