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Tequila Waste Is Making Cars More Efficient

A partnership between a car company and a tequila brand may seem odd—and potentially unsafe—but, it turns out, there is one good reason for such a duo. Jose Cuervo and Ford just announced that they are teaming up to turn leftover agave into car parts.

Currently, a small amount of Cuervo’s leftover agave fibers is used for compost and by local artisans, who make crafts and agave paper, but most of the remains are either burned or sent to a landfill. For a company that harvests two to three tons of agave a day, that’s a lot of raw materials going unused.

The new initiative is bringing a more sustainable business model to both companies. After the liquid from the agave piña, or heart, is extracted, Ford plans on turning the remains into bioplastics, which can be used for automotive parts like wiring harnesses and HVAC units. Not only is the material eco-friendly, it’s very durable and it weighs less than other materials, which could contribute to creating lighter vehicles that burn less fuel.

Ford already uses coconut fiber and rice hulls in its cars, so the brand’s partnership with Cuervo will only improve its plant-based initiative.