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Four Loko Is Now Available as a Shot (Please Don’t Die)

It’s back, and it’s crazier—or should we say mas loco—than ever. The wild, controversial booze company Four Loko has released a new line of flavored shots, just in time to take summer to the next level.  

The Four Loko Shots includes three neon flavors: green apple (“Green Tornado”) Lemon Drop (“Screw Ball”) and cinnamon apple (“Dragon’s Breath”), which is totally not anything like a certain other cinnamon-flavored shot with a dragon logo.

After the original Four Loko was banned for dangerously mixing caffeine and a large amount of alcohol in 2010, the company has learned its lesson; each of the shots are a standard 35 percent ABV. But the sweet and sour flavors mean they’ll go down a lot easier than a shot of vodka.

The bottles are meant to be taken by themselves as shots, but you’ll probably also see the booze getting mixed in fruity, DayGlo-hued drinks at festivals and beach parties this summer, or used to spike Four Loko’s malt beverages, which now have a re-tooled, less dangerous formula. The shots are currently being rolled out in liquor stores nationwide, but you can tune into Four Loko’s Facebook Live release party on May 18 to celebrate the official launch.