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Trade Blood for Beer at a Texas Distillery

Beer nerds already bleed gold, amber and stout for their favorite brands, but now one Texas brewery is taking things a step further by offering free beer for actual blood. Houston-based craft brewery Saint Arnold has partnered with the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center to offer free drinks to anyone who donates blood.

According to FWx, donors have until February 20 to give at the blood center in order to receive their gratis brews. While the idea of passing the time hooked up to the donation IV sipping on a tall boy sounds intriguing, alcohol isn’t exactly the healthiest choice for recovering depleted fluids. Instead, the blood center offers four drink tokens to be redeemed at Saint Arnold between February 13 and March 4. Along with the four free drinks (and as many more as you can score at the bar from well-wishing supporters), you’ll also get a free Commit for Life tasting glass—perfect for showing off both your civic heroism and love of IPA.

The Saint Arnold isn’t the first bar to combine drinking and good work, but we do appreciate the simple liquid-for-liquid transaction, and we can definitely see this idea catching on. How about a free Screwdriver or a Boilermaker after a day of constructing low-income housing, or a particularly life-sustaining cocktail after spending time in an old folks home? If nothing else, remember to give a drink unto others as you would have them give unto you.