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Toast Shake Shack’s 100th Store With a Spiked Concrete

To celebrate the opening of the 100th Shake Shack, the beloved burger chain is giving away 100 burgers at all of its locations (except those in ballparks and stadiums) on August 16. According to the Shake Shack website, the free burgers are only available from 10:30 a.m. to noon, so if you want free grub, looks like it's going to be a brunch burger.

We plan to celebrate by pairing our free burger with a concrete, a combination of frozen custard and various mix-ins. And to bring the full Supercall effect, we're going to make a mix-in of our own. We would never advocate bringing discretely stowed mini bottles of vodka, rum or whiskey to your local Shack. That would be a clear violation of open container laws. But man would it be convenient.

Concrete offerings vary by location so you're going to have to make some judgement calls, but there are some general guidelines. Vodka pairs well with just about anything, but produces a less interesting drink. Rum goes well with fruit-based mix-ins such as strawberry or cherry, as well as tropical flavors like peanut and banana. If your concrete leans more on chocolate or vanilla flavors, try for a lower-proof bourbon, like Basil Hayden's. 

Whatever you put in your concrete and wherever you mix it, here's a quick guide to turning your concrete into a Wet Concrete. 

Wet Concrete

  • Get to Shake Shack at some ungodly hour because free food.
  • Hit the separate drinks window (if your location has one) to get your concrete ahead of time.
  • Definitely do not go into the bathroom to spike your concrete via a stashed mini bottle before getting in line for your burger. We repeat, do not do this.
  • Make room for your booze by sipping a little of the concrete.
  • Pop the lid and slosh a couple mini bottles in, to taste. Then stir, stir, stir.
  • Grab your free burger, grab a seat outside and toast to Shake Shack’s incredible expansion.