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Frisky Is the New Frosé

The search for the next Frosé is never ending. We all want that sweet, dog days of summer relief that is Frosé, but we also want something new and, depending on the day, a little stronger. Whiskey fans can go ahead stop their search now. A New York City Cajun restaurant and bar called Infirmary has a new frozen drink they’re calling Frisky, as in frozen whiskey.

Frisky debuted in late May, but there’s no better time than sweltering July temperatures to drink them up. According to an Instagram post announcing the drink, it’s made with overproof Teeling Irish whiskey and blue lemonade, and is topped with a brandy infused cherry. In more poetic terms, Infirmary describes the drink as “a magical frozen whisky (sic) concoction that will make your life better.”

Infirmary is onto something here. Frozen drinks are cool again, and they’re far from the overly sweet ones your parents drink at tropical resort pool bars. Bars around the country are elevating the boozy slushie, from the Negroni Slush (a frozen Negroni) at Bocce in Manhattan to all the slushie specials at Parson’s Chicken and Fish in Chicago to the “Blended Delights” at Hale Pele in Portland, Oregon.

If whiskey isn’t your thing, Infirmary has plenty of other frozen drinks (including plain old regular boring Frosé). But if you are into whiskey, it’s time to call it now: Frisky is the next Frosé.