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This Game of Thrones Pop Up Bar Transforms Edinburgh Into Westeros

Westeros knows how to party. Between the banquets to the wine-fueled political meetings, we could see ourselves settling in quite nicely at King’s Landing—until we start worrying about someone spiking our wine with the Strangler poison. That’s why we’re so happy our little birds informed us of Blood & Wine, a new Game of Thrones pop up bar in Edinburgh that allows fans to drink their way through the series without all that peril and death getting in the way.


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The bar appears on Wednesdays and Thursdays in the basement of Daylight Robbery, offering drinks and fare ripped straight from the pages of George R.R. Martin’s tomes. The beverages, which are served in bone mugs made by one of the HBO show’s prop suppliers, include wines to represent those favored in each of the Seven Kingdoms, as well as signature cocktails like the eponymous Blood & Wine, made with “sweet cherries from Dorne, rich spiced wine from the Arbor and Wolfburn Whisky from the far reaches of the North.” Of course, to avoid death by eye gouging, they also serve The Mountain’s own brand of Icelandic vodka. And if you get peckish, you can partake in Sansa’s lemon cakes or ghoulish Frey pies.

The relocation of the pub from Scotland to Westeros comes courtesy of the themed bar maestros at The Pop Up Geeks, who previously produced Harry Potter and The Walking Dead bars. While the team has no connection to Martin or HBO, their fandom has proven enough to attract a (totally expected) social media following. But if you want to get in on the action, you’ll have to hop on your dragon to Edinburgh before the end of February, when Blood & Wine closes shop.