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This Outdoor ‘Game of Thrones’ Bar Is the Closest Thing to Actual Winterfell

Just because the last season of Game of Thrones won’t air in the immediate future, doesn’t mean you have to let the hype die. This January, you can drink like a Lannister and chill like a Stark at an elaborate Game of Thrones-themed outdoor bar in Boston. Yes, outdoor. In January.

The patio of the Precinct Kitchen and Bar at the Loews Boston Hotel is going full Winterfell until February, and you’ll feel like winter truly is here, minus the White Walkers. The menu features inspired dishes like Mussels by Arya, Chicken Littlefingers and A Burger Has No Name. It being winter in Boston, you’ll need a cocktail or three to warm up. Precinct is on brand there, too, with drinks like the warming Smoke of the Dragon’s Breath (rum, mezcal, vermouth) and a mulled wine called The Red Wedding.

If the food and drink aren’t enough to make you feel like there’s a war happening over a spiky chair, the decor will. Banners featuring a giant weirwood tree and The Wall adorn the space, along with House Lannister and Mother of Dragons decorations, according to Nerdist. Two thrones with fake fur rugs provide royal seating, and there’s some hay on which the peasants can perch. The bar even lets drinkers don fur coats. It is, in short, the most ‘grammableGame of Thrones spot that serves drinks—if you can brave some of the coldest temperatures in Boston history, at least.

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The pop-up runs every day from 4 p.m. to 11 p.m. until the end of January, so book it to the North before it disappears.