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Gin Flavored Cheese Now Exists

Cheese goes with just about everything—anyone who has eaten food can attest to that. But one company’s new product proves that the options of things to cheesify don’t stop at food. Gin-flavored cheese exists, and it’s everything a gin-lover could hope for.

The Cheshire Cheese Company in the U.K. is now selling a gin and lemon Cheshire cheese that’s described as “a masterful balance of gin and lemons” mixed into creamy, cheesy goodness. It won a bronze medal at the 2017 International Cheese Awards, and raving reviews of the product range from “superb creamy zingy lemon wonder” to “wow…way better than we thought it would be.” If nothing else, it surely makes it easier to pair drinks with your cheese plate.

The alcohol-in-cheese movement started back in 2016 with Piña Colada- and tequila-flavored cheddar. Earlier this year, The Great British Cheese company created a Prosecco- and raspberry-flavored cheese wheel that had the internet drooling. The Cheshire Cheese Company’s creamy, yellow wax-encased cheese is a lovely addition to the booze-infused family.

Unfortunately, like the Prosecco cheese, the gin cheese is only available across the pond. For U.S. residents, it’s time to make a call to your nearest cheesemaker because gin cheese is something we could all use in our lives.