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Gin Pong Is Here to Class-Up Your Party

If regular old beer pong is too juvenile for your sophisticated palate, then we have just the game for you: Gin Pong. Those who prefer to class up a party with things like The Chambong will love the chic design of Gin Pong’s pretty green and gold cups and cute, gift-ready packaging. Cleverly dubbed with the tagline “Let The Games Be-Gin,” we can’t think of a better way to treat yourself or the gin fanatic in your life.

The set comes stocked with 12 shot-size plastic cups—because no one wants to chug lukewarm gin from a standard sized Solo—along with two green and two yellow ping pong balls. Simply fill the cups with your favorite gin and follow the normal beer pong rules. The set goes on sale October 12 for $19, so bookmark the page and set a reminder to make sure you snag this gin-tastic game.