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First Feature Film About Gin Includes 5D In-Theater Tasting Experience

The first feature-length film about gin is officially underway in Britain. Gin: The Movie, from the gin-thusiasts at A World of Gin, will document gin-making at several notable, diverse distilleries across the U.K. When it is eventually screened, moviegoers can opt in for a gin tasting during the film, allowing them to experience the gin world in what the filmmakers call 5D. We’re assuming that means the usual three plus smell and taste.

The film will feature distillers including Brighton, Hayman’s, Williams, Mason’s, Edinburgh and Shetland Reel. According to The Drinks Business, with each stop in the film, viewers will taste the featured gin and receive “a number of other surprises.” We’re not sure we like surprises when it comes to gin, but we’re choosing to trust the organizers on this point.

If they finish filming by August as planned, the filmmakers are planning a year-long screening tour at independent cinemas around the U.K. But don’t feel bad if you can’t make it to one of the showings. Just grab a bottle of Hayman’s, put on A Hard Day’s Night, and drink until you believe you have a few additional senses.