A Girl Scout Troop Is Delivering Cookies by Drone

Welcome to the future of Girl Scout cookie season.


Girl Scout cookie season is, arguably, the most wonderful time of the year

Usually, for a few glorious weeks, Thin Mints, Samoas, Tagalongs, and other favorites are delivered to us by mail or purchased in person. However, one Girl Scout troop took  a major leap into the future with drone delivery this year.

According to Food & Wine, the Girl Scouts of Virginia Skyline Council teamed up with Wing, a drone delivery service that’s a subsidiary of Alphabet, which owns Google, last month, aiming to deliver 3,000 boxes of cookies via drone by the end of May. One Girl Scout told the outlet that they’re officially “the first council to deliver cookies by drone.”

This isn’t just a PR stunt by Wing or an attempt to modernize Girl Scout cookie season. The Virginia Skyline Council teamed up with Wing to solve a problem brought on by the pandemic: How were the scouts going to get cookies to the local masses while also staying safe, adhering to social distancing guidelines, and protecting their patrons? 

Wing told the Good News Network that drone deliveries allowed troop members to sell cookies without putting them in danger of contracting the coronavirus. It also allowed the troop to lower its carbon footprint. 

“It makes a lot more sense to deliver a 1-pound box of cookies with a 10-pound drone than it does to do it with a 3,000-pound car,” a spokesperson for Wing told the outlet. 

While the Girl Scouts tried to push online ordering, many troops still found themselves left with more cookies than they could move, as sales were down significantly from previous years, per Food & Wine. While drone deliveries made it possible for more people to get their Girl Scout cookies in a safe and effective way, Wing also hopes that it inspired a few Girl Scouts to go into STEM fields when they grow up. 

“Drones are going to help change our world, and Girl Scouts want to help that, so drones are going to be a very awesome way to do that,” a troop member said in a video shared by Wing.

Unfortunately, Wing currently only operates around Christiansburg, Virginia, at this time. If you happen to live in that area though, you can visit this website and place an order for a Girl Scout cookie drone delivery. Wing also delivers FedEx packages and library books, but cookies are so much better. 

h/t Food & Wine

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