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Glitter Beers Are Here to Take Over Your Taplines

It’s difficult to nail down exactly when people started going all glitter, all the time, but the trend is usually blamed on millennials. As a group, those glittering, shimmering millennials also consume the most beer and the most spirits, according to Nielsen. Put those two together, and you have a sensible (though not entirely rational) convergence: glitter beers.

Glitter is a rising trend among brewers looking to capitalize on what’s en vogue, according to Munchies. The breweries to credit (or blame) include Ska Brewing, Three Weavers, Minocqua Brewing Company, Seabright Brewery and Bold Missy.

“Even the men dig glitter beer,” Erica DeAnda, head brewer at Minocqua, told Munchies’ Beth Demmon. “I don’t think it means I disrespect my craft because I put my heart and soul into all my brews—I think glitter is just a small little part of my heart, so why the hell not?”

Despite all the whimsy, glitter beers are difficult to make. Glitter, as you may know, sticks to everything, including brew tanks, kegs and tap lines. So they require dedicated equipment, and they need to sell relatively quickly because edible glitter dissolves in liquid. But if a brewer nails it, the shimmering beer is certainly a way to stand out in a crowded craft beer market. Plus, brewers are going to do what brewers are going to do.

“If you don’t like glitter beer, don’t drink it,” DeAnda said. “But damn, let us live!”