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Watch: Grandmas Try Fireball For the First Time

While it’s likely that most millennials have tried a shot of Fireball Whisky at some point in their lives, it’s much less likely that anyone beyond the 40 year mark has—especially your beloved nana. That’s why Youtube channel Obsev put four intrepid grandmothers to the test.

While none of the grannies are strangers to drinking, their usual beverage of choice is a nice glass of Malbec—or maybe something a little stronger in certain social settings: “During the Olympics, I had the entire Spanish yachting team to a big party in the backyard,” one grandma recalled. “That was very fun. Spaniards, you know.” But none had ever tried a shot of the fiery cinnamon-flavored whiskey before.

Despite the brand’s warnings that Fireball, “tastes like heaven, burns like hell,” every one of the elderly test subjects gave it a go and took it like a pro (with the occasional “ooh, mercy!”). Watch the video below to see all of their hilarious reactions.