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This Whisky Company Will Pay You to Travel Before You Even Get a Job

Job interviews are notoriously stressful and almost always lacking in whiskey. Not this one, though. Instead of your traditional meet-and-greet sit-down, Grant’s Whisky is sending candidates for the company’s Global Brand Ambassador position on a globe-trotting tour with a suitcase full of scotch.

According to Thrillist, three lucky (beyond belief) applicants will square off in a boozy Amazing Race of sorts, traveling through countries like Taiwan, South Africa, Poland, Colombia and India with a suitcase stuffed with bottles of whisky. The three competitors will hobnob with influencers, throw epic parties and share drams with locals, all while filmmakers tag along documenting the adventure.

Keen applicants—aka everyone—should dust of their resumes and immediately throw them in the trash. Grant’s is holding a totally unorthodox competition, dubbed “The Greatest Job Interview in the World,” to fill their totally unorthodox job. Instead of your traditional CV, the scotch brand is requesting custom cocktails, made with Grant’s and two other ingredients that represent your personality. According to official terms and conditions, the drink (and your personality, we guess) will be judged on Distinctiveness (no basic Scotch & Sodas), Creativity (punny name highly recommended) and Intrigue (read: virality). You can post your recipe on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #GrantsInterview or submit via the online application form (should you not want your current employer to see you spending your time applying for boozy dream jobs—though who could blame you?). The deadline is August 30.

Even if your personal recipe is chosen, you’re not through quite yet (no one said it would be easy getting the job of a lifetime). Twenty promising applicants will be flown to Scotland for the most intense mixer of all time, where they’ll compete in a number of unspecified challenges for the top three spots. Only then will Grant’s outfit you with booze-packed luggage and send you on your way.

Along with an age requirement of 25 years (and the physical strength to lug a suitcase full of whisky around a foreign country), Grant’s also suggests you cultivate a social media following ahead of your application and that you have some experience with the spirits industry.

With so much on the line and the wide casting call, competition will obviously be fierce. If that all seems too intimidating, know that some candidates who don’t get through will still receive a bottle of scotch for their efforts. Consider it a starter pack to your freelance role as global whisky ambassador, and hit the road with a trusty flask to share the love.