Drybar Gets a Wet Bar in Las Vegas

Great news, Vegas bachelorette parties! Soon you’ll be able to pregame and get ready for a night on the strip at the same time. Drybar will offer mixed drinks along with its specialty blowouts at its new Las Vegas location when it opens Friday. While the salon already offers Champagne to guests, this will be the first location of the uber-popular chain to offer cocktails along with hair treatments.

The drinks represent the boozy fruition of Drybar’s bar-themed branding. The salon launched in 2008 specializing in blowouts, eschewing other services like cuts or coloring, with a menu featuring cocktail-inspired hair treatments. Typical Drybar offerings include blowouts with names like the Mai Tai, The Cosmo and The Uptini, along with add-ons like the Mudslide Treatment and Bay Breeze Hydrating Shot.

One would assume that the cocktail menu at the Las Vegas outpost would, in turn, be hair salon-themed, but alas, it reads like a standard drink menu with Cosmopolitans, Manhattans and other sippable standbys—not a Hair Spray Spritz or Curler Cobbler in sight. Because it’s Vegas, the salon will also feature entertainment like a DJ and photo booth. These amenities may help justify the cost of the brand’s specialty $40 treatments, which typically last only a few days (or hours depending on post-blowout activities).

Drinking during a hair appointment is not a new phenomenon. Many civilized salons and barber shops offer refreshments with cuts, most notably Blind Barber, which features a speakeasy in the backroom of its original New York location. Typically, though, salons have limited drink selections, which is why Drybar’s new full-service cocktail menu is noteworthy.

No word yet on whether Drybar’s cocktail program will stay in Vegas (along with whatever happens there) or if the salon will expand the offerings to its other 60-plus locations across the U.S.