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This Hallmark Christmas Movie Drinking Game Is Too Perfect

It feels like the holiday programming starts earlier and earlier every year. By the time December hits, we’re already tiring of jingly bells and magical sleigh rides and loving sons who somehow manage to make it home just in time for Christmas dinner. So we’re overjoyed that one woman created a drinking game to get us through the best of the worst of them, aka Hallmark original Christmas movies.

Brittany Graves of Fort Worth, Texas posted her hilariously on-point drinking game on Facebook, where it caught the eye of Country Living and other Hallmark holiday movie enthusiasts. The rules include things like, take a drink when a main character’s name is related to Christmas or take two drinks when there’s obvious product placement or finish a drink when “the cynic is filled with the Christmas spirit.” Here are the full rules in all their glory:

Brittany has played the game with Apple Cider Mimosas, but any of these colorful red and green cocktails would do the trick, as would these ultra festive Christmas Martinis. Just be careful not to take too big of sips—between the sheer volume of mistletoe and number of “magic deals” going on in these movies, you’ll be lucky if you make it to the end.