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This Spirits Brand Claims Its Gin and Vodka Are Hangover-Free

Hangovers suck. Yet no matter how many times you swear you’re never drinking again, you inevitably find yourself lying in bed the next weekend, fervently wishing the Dominos delivery guy would come into your room and save you. Now, a new gin and vodka brand promises to help you avoid that agony.

V.E.S. Spirits makes both a gin and vodka that the company claims won’t cause hangovers. The liquor, V.E.S. says, is something that not only tastes good, but is good for you. Not good for you like it’ll make you legitimately healthier, but in a way that it won’t make you significantly worse off.

“I’ll just warn people ahead of time,” V.E.S. owner Darryl Tombleson said in a statement. “If you like hangovers, you’ll hate our vodka and gin.” He also added that he’s catering to a “select group” and “running directly against the untold millions of drinkers who enjoy a good headache, shakiness and some nausea, gripping feverishly to the toilet seat to keep from falling in.”

Whoever these masochist drinkers are, V.E.S. isn’t for them. The organic spirits are made in Australia’s Hunter Valley from sugarcane and distilled six times to create clean, neutral liquor. The gin is flavored with juniper, finger limes, pepper berry, coriander and cranberry. A V.E.S.-run survey of 1,000 drinkers found that even people who took seven or eight shots the night before woke up perfectly chipper, editor Sam Slaughter at The Manual, wrote.

There’s also something to say about sticking to gin and vodka. When Supercall spoke with food scientists, gin and vodka proved to be the best alcohol to avoid the 17 stages of a hangover because they lack other dehydration-causing additives. No matter your alcohol preferences, drinking something that comes with a lower chance of a hangover sure beats cures like raw egg and hot sauce in beer.

V.E.S. costs $99 and is available in New York, California and London. Sleek aesthetics aside, it’s definitely not any worse for you that other gins and vodkas. As Tombleson says in the initial press release, V.E.S. spirits are “as healthy as possible, for alcohol as least.”