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Harry Potter Cocktails Are Served at This New York Bar

You’ll never be able to find Platform Nine and Three-Quarters, but you can take the express train to Harry Potter vibes at the Hudson Hotel’s Library Bar. The bar is celebrating the opening week of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on Broadway with four Hogwarts-themed cocktails.

Through May 11, Library Bar is serving a cocktail to represent each Hogwarts house. Gryffindor is represented by a drink made with Campari, Lillet Rose, grapefruit and club soda. Slytherin gets a drink made with Hendrick’s gin, St-Germain, cucumber, lemon and simple syrup. Hufflepuffs get one made with ginger beer, Cava and simple syrup. Ravenclaws, the wisest of them all, get a drink made with bourbon, Coke and Pimm’s.

If Hermione was a drinker, she’d be spending all her time at Library Bar sipping on that spritzy Campari drink. The bar is filled with games as well as books about everything from film to travel to politics. You’ll have to bring your own spell book, but the bar has copies of the Harry Potter playbook written by Jack Thorne that you can read while lounging on an English leather sofa across from the fireplace.

The hotel mainly draws inspiration from the colors of each Hogwarts house, according to an event description, not the personality traits. So let your tastebuds serve as your sorting hat. Just because you like gin and St-Germain together doesn’t mean you’d curse your best friend for a shot to meet He Who Must Not Be Named. Bonus: If you’re going to the play, you get 25 percent off your drink with your ticket stub. Now get some floo powder and set your destination as the Library Bar fireplace.