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Hero Saves Beer From Fire, Gets Arrested

You may have asked yourself what you would save should your home go up in flames. Significant others, children, pets and precious heirlooms might top your list, but one South Dakotan had a different priority in mind: his beer. As firefighters worked to control flames leaping out of an apartment building in Sioux Falls, a resident of a first floor apartment leapt in, on a quest to save his precious brews.

According to The Drinks Business, the 56-year-old man successfully rescued his brewskies from the flames after not one but two trips into the inferno. But he didn’t escape entirely unscathed: He was subsequently arrested for obstructing the police and fire officials on site. Turns out, he’s the hero we drinkers deserve, but not the one South Dakota needs right now.

After the incident, the local police tweeted, “It is not advisable to push past PD and Fire in an attempt to ‘save your beer’ #besmart.” What the Sioux Falls officials failed to recognize is that the hoppy hero’s beer of choice, Bud Ice, undoubtedly kept him cool in the heat of the fiery crisis.