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Hillary Clinton Gives Grads the Best Boozy Life Advice

Even after narrowly losing the presidential election, Hillary Clinton still has plenty of life lessons to dispense, including the perfect drink for consoling yourself after a tough defeat: Chardonnay. In her commencement speech to the graduates of Wellesley, she explained to the young women hoping to follow in her giant footsteps that when life gets you down, you just have to buck up and grab a glass of your favorite white.

The former secretary of state didn’t turn to drink alone on November 8. Long walks in the woods, spending time with family, and “organizing [her] closets” also helped Clinton cope. But in the end, she joked, “I won’t lie. Chardonnay helped a little too.” She added that the biggest help, though, was remembering who she was.

Since we can’t all be Hilldog and rely on our sterling character for comfort, we’ll make due by stocking up on Chardonnay (and maybe doing a little spring cleaning). The next time a bad day delivers you home in a tragic mood, pour yourself a glass and know you’re in the best of company. It’s the (almost) presidential thing to do.