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Hollywood Bar Charging $15 for 40-Ounce Colt 45

Hollywood bar Saint Felix recently came under fire after a photo of its beer list was posted on Twitter. The bar serves some of the usual suspects, like Dogfish Head IPA, Blue Moon and Ballast Point Sculpin, but one menu item stuck out: a 40-ounce bottle Colt 45 that’s not only $15—it typically costs less than $3 in a convenience store—but is also served wrapped in a brown paper bag, a practice that many critics have deemed tone deaf, appropriative and insensitive. Though FWx notes that the bar has had Colt 45 on its menu since 2008, it began receiving increased attention after Twitter user @JVR24_ posted a photo of it online, calling it “gentrification at its finest.” So far the post has received more than 21,000 retweets and nearly 35,000 likes, and has prompted about as much outrage as you’d expect.

Saint Felix owner John Arakaki maintains that he had no ill intentions and that the Colt 45 isn’t overpriced: "It's three beers and four ounces, and the high-alcohol content of malt liquor is more than a regular beer," he told LAist. "If you're drinking a Colt 45, you're committed to it for the night. We're not overpriced, we're priced according to the neighborhood."

Even so, $15 feels mighty steep for malt liquor. If you do stop by the bar, our advice would be to go for an $8 Dogfish Head instead. And if you still find yourself craving a Colt 45 on the way home, just swing by your local convenience store—paper bag optional.