Houston Will Be America's Third-Largest City by 2025

"Everything's bigger in Texas" might be a tired cliché, but that doesn't mean it ain't true: according to recent data, Houston's on track to unseat Chicago as the third-most-populous city in the nation. 

This projected change comes thanks to Houston's low tax and unemployment rates, as well as its booming energy industry -- according to its mayor, Houston purchases the most renewable energy in the country. All of this combines to give Houston one of the highest growth rates in the country, whereas Chicago's population grew by a whopping 82 people last year. Not 82 percent, 82 people

If the trend continues, the Second City could be ousted from its third-place throne in as little as 10 years -- not immediate by any means, but soon enough for Houstonians to be able to rib their Northern rivals about it. At least, until Chicago's growth stagnation trend turns around.

But hey: we'll always have the Cubs.

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