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Hangovers Are Bad but Beer Is Good, According to Shocking New Research

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Never has anyone woken up the morning after hitting the bar, head splitting, ears ringing, stomach in utter rebellion, and thought, “Gee, I’m glad this hangover isn’t any worse.” But, while they all seem pretty awful, hangovers do come in all types and flavors, and you can strategize your way to a slightly better next day by choosing the right drink. Don’t get too excited that we’re about to reveal some unknown miracle booze that will save your soul and your stomach, though. According to science, the best drink to avoid a hangover is good ol’ reliable beer.

Several recent studies indicate a brew is the best alcoholic drink for your body (best for your survival at least—maybe not your figure). One from the journal Alcohol and Alcoholism, cited by Mirror Online, found that beer contains lower levels of nitric oxide synthases—enzymes known to cause headaches. The same study also found that the hops in the beer helped prevent fat buildup and inflammation in the livers of mice. The Daily Star also points out that beer’s cereal and yeast content slows the absorption of beer’s relatively small amounts of alcohol (relative, that is, to spirits or wine). They also point out, as literally anyone who has ever chugged a beer knows, that beer is filling, so you will likely drink less alcohol than if you opted for a round of tequila shots. We do have to disagree with The Daily Star on one point, though; sugar in cocktails is not to blame for your killer headache.

The findings are yet another reason to love beer, but we doubt you needed another reason anyway.