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The Average American Spends $448 on Drunk Purchases

If you’ve ever woken up after a long night out, checked your bank account and realized that you made a questionable purchase, then you’re in good company. The average American will spend $448 on spontaneous drunk purchases in 2018, according to a survey from the shopping comparison site

The survey questioned 2,000 people on their drunk shopping habits. Gen Xers spent the most at around $738, while millennials admitted to spending about $206. Men were the biggest spenders with an average of around $564 compared to women’s $282. Our boozy shopping habits are only getting worse, too. In last year’s survey that ran, the average for drunk purchases was $206.

Normally, extrapolating a 2,000-person survey to the entire country is a no-go because the data set is simply too small to truly represent the population. But this feels too real. In a brief, informal survey around the Supercall office, people admitted buying vintage gear they end up returning, silk robes, a bee house and a gym membership to the wrong gym. Friends’ stories include objects like a blow-up mechanical bull that you can put on a lake, and a college friend bought a live baby alligator, which made for an interesting FedEx delivery a few days later.

People have been drunk shopping for as long as there has been alcohol and retail. In 2011, the New York Times wrote a story on “shopping under the influence” at specialty retailers and online. The story also revealed that stores start sales at 9 p.m. to hit the after-drinking crowd, and eBay’s busiest time for mobile purchases is between 6:30 p.m. and 10:30 p.m.

So, while the study is too small to hold any water as a scientific survey, the issue is real and you’re not alone. Now go return that kayak.