Rosé-Frosted Doughnuts Are Real and Way Too Easy to Make

Just like you (and everyone else in the wine-drinking world), we’re obsessed with rosé. Whether it’s on our bubbly bar, in a Jello Shot or used as the base for a delicate Sangria, we are team “yes-way rosé. So naturally, we couldn’t help but get more than a little excited when we came across these rosé-frosted doughnuts from Cosmopolitan. Fried dough and pink wine? We’ll take five dozen—and a rosé-colored wheelbarrow to ride around in after we’re done eating all of them in one sitting.

The best part about the doughnuts is that they’re so insanely easy. The rosé icing is simply made with powdered sugar, heavy cream, rosé and a little red food coloring to make them pretty and pink. Topped with pink sprinkles and edible golden beads and glitter, and served alongside a glass of bubbly rosé, the doughnuts are over-the-top pretty in pink.

Cosmo recommends buying pre-made plain doughnuts if you do not have a doughnut pan, and dipping them in the homemade icing. But since a doughnut pan costs only $10 on average, we recommend just going out and buying one, because nothing beats the taste (and smell) of a warm, fresh doughnut. Plus, once you have your doughnut pan and the recipe down, there’s nothing stopping you from making other booze-frosted doughnuts with red wine or even whiskey. The world is your spirit-spiked doughnut.

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