Modern Day Pirate Buries Booze to Sneak It Into Music Festival

Festival Pro Tips / Facebook

Sky-high drink prices at music festivals have driven attendees to develop creative tricks for sneaking in booze—from hiding drinks in secret flasks to smuggling a bottle inside a sandwich—but one savvy techno lover has devised a noteworthy new strategy by taking note from rum-swigging pirates of yore: He buried his booze. According to Munchies, three weeks before Electric Zoo in New York City, Alex Diamond waltzed into the empty festival site with a water bottle full of vodka, wrapped it in a plastic bag, and buried it on-site. Diamond then dropped a pin on Google Maps, so he could find his stash when returned during the festival.

Diamond isn’t the only one to follow in the footsteps of rowdy, shovel-happy buccaneers. On a Reddit thread dedicated to clandestine festival beverages, multiple users claim to have achieved the same feat, one even repeating a rumor that someone had buried a keg at a past festival. Now that Diamond’s crafty hack is gaining him some notoriety, though, he may have ruined this tactic for all future would-be booze buriers. Guess it’s back to incognito flasks and vodka sandwiches for the rest of us.