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IPA Beer Is Giving You Man Boobs

Carb-heavy beers have long been the enemy of both male and female drinkers who try to stay fit. Now, body conscious dudes have a new reason to avoid brews like IPAs—hops can give you ‘man boobs,’ or as beer makers like to call it, “Brewer’s Droop.”

The cause has nothing to do with the amount of calories or nutritional content in beer, so unfortunately there's no way to work off the extra pounds piling on your chest. According to Munchies, the unflattering effect comes from high levels of phytoestrogen in the hops, which is great for women experiencing menopause but terrible for men trying to keep their pecs intact.

You may find that this sounds familiar if you eat a lot of tofu, because vegetarians and vegans who prefer soy-based meat substitutes have to deal with the high phytoestrogen content in soybeans. Just as many men enjoy tofu in moderation, they can also limit their intake of hoppy beers without totally abstaining. Despite the IPA frenzy that gripped the beer world several years ago, there are plenty of malt-forward ales and lagers for men to enjoy while keeping their figures intact.